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Combining the prestigious world of alcohol 
investment with the opportunitiesprovided by blockchain.


Enabling everyone to build wealth, providing the opportunity to invest in luxury whiskey by providing the process of selecting, storing and liquidating bottles of alcohol.

Because it is a tangible, unique product, high-quality luxury good. Since it does not deteriorate, it can be stored in a bottle for decades. Because time is an investment ally. The smaller the number of whiskey bottles of a given spout, the greater its value. As there are a small number of distilleries and growing global demand. Because whiskey is a marketable product worldwide due to its uniqueness and limited collector's editions.


Józef Wojeński
Founder, CEO

Founder of the Percent Project. Graduate of financial management, accounting and banking. Trader, advisor and investor, associated with capital markets for 20 years. He gained experience in Poland and Luxembourg. Member of supervisory boards and entrepreneur in the HoReCa industry. Founder and CEO of Planet Media in partnership with Apple Ltd building AI databases.

Łukasz Minkiewicz

Investor, entrepreneur, and manager with 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Worked as a backend programmer, project manager in software houses – Sprint S.A., Renau Business Software, SOFTJA. Graduate of ETI PG – Real-Time Systems and project management at the School of Banking. He teaches computer science at AMW, and is certified as a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Dominik Tomczyk

Investor, entrepreneur, and manager with 20 years of experience in business management and restructuring. Executive Master of Business Administration of L. Koźmiński University in Warsaw and the School of Management and Banking in Cracow. Studied in Vienna. Manager for private equity investment funds, state-owned companies, and the private sector.


Our long-term experience and expert knowledge make it easier to identify the right products for our portfolio. We carefully analyze sales trends. We are constantly looking for limited product releases (i.e., limited series of whiskey bottles) and bottles that are no longer produced due to the permanent closure of the distillery. We carefully analyze the reputation of these brands and the potential for increasing their prices.

49,4% 0,75l
49,4% 0,75l
49,9% 0,7l
43,6% / 0,7L

jak to działa?



What currencies are available for purchase?
$PWT is traded to $USDT. The Kanga Exchange allows you to convert PLN, EUR, USD, and cryptocurrencies to $USDT and purchase $PWT.

What is KYC, and why do I need to undergo it?
The KYC procedure is necessary and required by regulators for payments with fiat currencies. 

Where will the token staking take place?
On the Kanga Exchange.

What is the reward from the staking? 
The reward is paid in a $PWT token, which can be cashed in on the exchange.


How are purchase positions selected? 
Purchase items are selected by experts from the House of Whisky. We buy 3 types of bottles: 

  1. fast-rotating
  2. medium rotating
  3. infrequently rotating (white raven)

Where do we buy from?
Authorized distributors, including House of Whisky. We do not buy from private individuals.

What is the risk of buying a counterfeit bottle?
Minimal, due to purchases only and exclusively from authorized distributors. In addition, the exclusion of purchases from individuals virtually reduces this risk to almost zero.

Where do we sell bottles?
Specialized online services, such as Whisky Base.
Direct sales to licensed entities. 

Who can buy a bottle from the warehouse?
Concession holder.
An individual through one of our retail partners. 

How can I buy a bottle from you?
Contact us (contact link on the website).

Where can I see your portfolio and its pricing? 
Whisky Base - is a portfolio of our bottles without quantities. Once a quarter, a valuation will be available on the site.

Will there be whisky tastings?
Yes, we will organize a masterclass, i.e., a tasting along with training. Payment by token.

Risks / Securities

What in case of bankruptcy termination/legal changes forcing the closure of the project? 
If the project is terminated, the associated token assets will be sold off within 1 year of the announcement of such information (to reduce the risk of selling below the market price). With the raised funds, PERCENT will place an order to redeem the tokens at the token's initial sale price, min. $1.


What is the legal form of the token?
This is a utility token that allows you to pay a bonus when selling from the warehouse. For more details: regulations.pdf

Rights and obligations of the issuer
See lightpaper


Where are the bottles stored?
In a warehouse rented at the Whisky House.

Is the warehouse insured?
Yes, it is insured.

Can I see the warehouse?
The opportunity to visit the warehouse with a tasting is available to holders of at least 10000 $PWT tokens.

$PWT token

How can I buy a $PWT token?
On the Kanga Exchange, or for larger purchases - by contacting us (OTC sales).

Where can I sell a $PWT token?
On the Kanga Exchange. You can use for this:

  1. Quick exchange mechanism, selecting $PWT token as the source currency and $USDT token as the target currency (the purchase is made at the market price).
  2. Using a sell order at the link:

What is the value of the token?

Who is behind the token?

  1. Percent team - JW, DT, ŁM, JL
  2. Partners - 
    - Dom Whisky - a trusted third party (warehouse), advice (experts) in the selection of bottles for the portfolio, support in purchasing and verification of the originality of the bottles;
    - Maciej Wieczorkowski Law Firm and KHG Law Firm - legal support.

Why invest in whisky?
Whisky investment has yielded over 400% growth over the last decade. It is an asset that is resistant to inflation, market changes and is not correlated with the capital markets. In addition, in the case of investment whisky, this asset is liquid and does not have problems selling, unlike other assets (such as gemstones).

What are the plans for the development of the project? 

  1. Scaling up the warehouse. 
  2. Online store.
  3. NFT tokenization of single, unique bottles.

What is the token model?
Answer from Lightpaper (page 21).


Our partners help us maintain transparency and security.

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